Augmented Reality Projects
A collection of Lenses, Filters, and more from Snap Lens Studio and Meta Spark Studio.
Snap Lens Studio Projects
Camera Kit Partner Engineer
During my time at Snapchat, I was part of the Camera Kit team, focusing on outside integration of Snap's Camera Technology, bringing the Lens Carousel to external applications.
Ralph Lauren Lens
Originally as a promotional advertisement for Ralph Lauren's Fall 2022 Ready-to-Wear Collection, this lens creates a portal showing the viewer the whimsical brand identity of the event. Snap's World Tracking and Portal Occlusion features were used in this lens, along with a baked 3D animation of ink tracing the show's logo.
This Fantasy Football-like lens allowed users to pick their favorite game throughout the season, with External Data output/input capabilities inside the filter using a special ESPN API to track live teams and scores throughout football season. Lastly, persistent data was used to add up the user's scores at the end of the season to compete with friends!
"The Open Hand is Blessed" Interactive Art Exhibition
Made with LACMA as a part of the "Monumental Perspectives" series, this lens utilizes World Tracking to tell the stories of Biddy Mason through voice clips of her journey. Utilizing World Tracking and Geolocated Lens unlock, this lens was findable in certain places in the real world, offering organic encounters from opening Snapchat.
Meta Spark Studio
Weather App - Featured in Meta Connect
During my time in Meta's Reality Labs, I was tasked with creating an Augmented Reality Weather app for the Meta Quest 3. I worked with 3D Artists, Creative Directors, and Engineers to build this app using Javascript, React, and Meta Spark Studio. Extreme optimization was key to the success of this augment, and techniques such as shader code, realtime texture compression, and external data were utilized in the inception of this AR App.

Featured in The Verge and UploadVR.

Featured at 49:00 in Meta Connect.
See the full keynote here.

-Mixed Reality is great for hands-on engagement.
By giving the user a chance to explore an alternate reality, self-motivated curiosity is the main driver, giving a wholesome and non-prompted interest of the product to the audience.

-The future of AR is steadily evolving with new hardware.
With new capabilities involving LIDAR scanners, multi-camera stabilization, external API features, Mixed Reality apps are becoming more integrated and seamless throughout our daily lives.

-MR for Storytelling and entertainment is a new medium.
MR provides an immersive and engaging platform for audiences, opening up a whole new world of possibilities in terms of interactive storytelling.
Project Context
AR/VR 3D Design

Snap, Inc.

3 Years

Programs used
Lens Studio, Meta Spark Studio, Cinema 4D, Unreal Engine, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, After Effects
Cinema 4DOTOY Octane RenderPhotoshopPremiere ProIllustrator
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Other work:

Head in the Clouds
VCD Poster
UX Design
Automotive/Interaction Design
Porsche Virtual Dashboard